Transforming blank spaces into remarkable places with custom, large-scale murals & illustrations
Sandy Pell is an illustrator based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Her works have garnered global attention for their ability to transform blank spaces into remarkable and memorable places. The patterns and geometric shapes she uses are inspired by those found in nature, while she mixes in a series of traditional shapes that are commonly found in mehendi, an ancient form of Indian body art.
Whether a need for a custom illustration or need for a large-scale mural, Sandy’s been there before. Since she began her business with her partner in 2014, many companies, design firms, and commercial illustration agencies have hired her to fulfill specific illustration requirements. During that time, she's collaborated with numerous global brands including Boeing Canada-AeroInfo, Hootsuite, Ideon Agency New York for Parker Residences, Maricich Health for L.A Care Health Plan, Clearly, City of Vancouver, Royal Canadian Mint and others. 
Selected Client List

Custom Murals
Boeing Canada, Hootsuite, Allocadia, Elastic Path, Mobify, xMatters, Kafka’s Coffee & Tea for Vancouver Mural Festival, Kitsilano BIA for City of Vancouver, Fusion Projects, Kranky Cafe, Musette Caffe, Kaufman Lofts and others.
Commercial Illustrations
Clearly, Royal Canadian Mint, Ideon Agency New York for Parker Residences, Maricich Health for L.A Care Health Plan, Skevik Skis, Hootsuite, Threadless T-Shirts and others.
Working with Sandy

Scott Littlejohn - Creative Director, Maricich Health and L.A Care Health Plan
From kicking the project off to the final delivery Steve and Sandy exemplified professionalism at its best. Working with Steve and Sandy was an absolute pleasure, all our deadlines were met even under high expectations. Once we spoke with Steve and Sandy their easy-going manner, smart questions and quick response to our needs made it easy to highly recommend them for the project. Having seen their work highlighted in a LinkedIn article, we were drawn to their uniquely eye-catching, vibrant and engaging style. It showed great originality along with a polished sense of craft. The next time we have a project that fits Steve and Sandy’s style we would look at hiring them again, and would also recommend them to our peers.
Jane McFadden - Executive Director, Kitsilano 4th Ave Business Association West 4th BIA, City of Vancouver
The #kitswings mural that Sandy and Steve Pell created within our neighbourhood has been quickly recieved as a new “landmark” in our City. Public Art/Murals provide space with a reason for destination, to share and to stay longer - all goals of our Business Association and all of the reasons we wanted the mural up. There has been a huge increase to the intersection of the entrance to our neighbourhood as a result of the now beautified space. Tourism Vancouver has requested they add it to their website as a way of letting tourists visiting Vancouver (millions of them!) know what is in our neighbourhood, Kitsilano. The hashtag has been created and seeing on average 15 posts a day on instagram alone since the mural was installed, thus taking the exposure to an even wider reach of people. Sandy and Steve were absolutely amazing to work with and we look forward to creating more beautified spaces within our neighbourhood!
Harry Chemko - Co-founder & CEO, Elastic Path Software
Our office seemed to be missing something when we first moved in… but all that changed with the help of Steve and Sandy.  Filling an entire central wall, the custom mural they created is our featured art piece, a great backdrop for group photos, and an attention grabber for visitors when they see it for the first time.  The creative work they did is fantastic and really helps to bring Elastic Path’s brand and values to life.“
Nick Boyd - Principal, Fusion Projects
Sandy and Steve Pell did an amazing job with our Mural, Inertia, depicting the  Nautilus shell. It represents nature’s perfection in architecture and truly compliments the Fusion office. Evidently, architecture is a grand fraction of our culture we commonly admire to raise upon discussion. Our visitors never fail to notice the mural and when they do, they are in awe – speaking of its character and the harmony it sheds which are aligned with the nature of our design and construction business. Since our initial introduction to Sandy and Steve during the initial Hootsuite project, witnessing the wonderful work they continue to do, I am confident in Sandy and Steve’s continued success. Two innovative talented visionary artists who will magnify many surfaces to come.
Aaron Kafka - Owner, Kafka’s Coffee and Tea Front Facade 
Last August Sandy and Steve Pell painted a phenomenal mural on the face of my cafe. The value the mural has added is unimaginable. They essentially recreated my brand, gave the front a face lift, and helped me continue to entrench my business into the community.  The results have shown themselves in a generous increase in sales and online traffic. Their reputation for being creative, passionate, honest, and fun to work with holds true. I plan on working with them again in the future and am excited how they can help other businesses.

Georgia Straight - Winner of Best New Mural on the West - 2017
Wacom Gallery Feature Artist: Sandy Pell - 2017
Behance Curated Illustration Gallery Feature Artist: Sandy Pell - 2016
Daily Inspiration Featured Artist #2329 on Abduzeedo - 2016
Threadless T-shirts - Selected Feature Artist - October 2015
10 of the World’s Coolest Offices by Tech City UK - Tech City News - 2013
SHINE: Annual IDIBC Awards of Excellence 2013 for Interior Design with SSDG Interiors - 2013
Work Featured in...
USA Today, Mashable, Abduzeedo, Behance, The Globe and Mail, HR Magazine, Azure Design Magazine, Tech City News UK , Cat Skiing Canada, Scout Magazine, Daily Hive, Workopolis, Glass Door, HuffPost, Canadian Press, Techvibes, Vancouver Sun, BC Business, Georgia Straight, Vancouver Magazine, Independent Skiing Magazine and more.
"This summer, the outdoor shopping mall and restaurant zone along West 4th Avenue was jazzed up by a shimmering, massive mural!" ~ The Georgia Straight

"There's a 40 foot wings mural in Kitsilano that you need on your Instagram! What was once a blank canvas on the side of building 1817 on West 4th Avenue, is now one of the city’s most beautiful murals." ~ Daily Hive

"LOOK: The Vancouver Selfie Spot of the Summer #kitswings. If you’ve passed by the corner of Burrard and West 4th any time in the last month, you’ll have noticed an incredible set of 40 foot gold-flaxen wings; the newest mural in the city that has ‘instagram-worthy’ shot written all over it. " ~ Rock 101

"If you’ve been to the Hootsuite HQ boardroom, to Kafka’s Coffee & Tea, Boeing Canada, or by the utility box on Maple and West 4th you’ve seen the duo’s work already." ~ Miss 604

"Hootsuite's amazing boardroom mural is based on a real encounter with a great horned owl. Inspired by an unexpected encounter with a great horned owl in Vancouver's Stanley Park, husband and wife team Steve and Sandy Pell completed this mural for Hootsuite's new boardroom in just two and a half days." ~ Creative Bloq
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