In July, we were contacted by a software company called Elastic Path, based in downtown Vancouver, Canada. The company was in the process of relocating their 150+ staff to a larger office space to further accommodate their expanding workforce. They had just moved into a new office environment. In an effort to boost corporate moral and create a fun, fresh, and innovative corporate culture, the company's design team lead contacted us to help with the design and installation of a mural that would span their main lobby wall. They were looking for a unique way to visualize their corporate mission statement, “Commerce-enable our connected world”, in a way that was memorable for visitors, customers, and staff.

Steve and Sandy put their heads together to brainstorm various concepts and landed on a grid system which would mimic the vast scale of the globe while showing connectivity and innovation. In the final concept, the team incorporated Elastic Path's two blue Pantone brand colours, tied to a rich, bright, warm gold to represent commerce. Below are the results of this exploration, and the final concept installation.
Conceptualizing the mural
Grid system exploration
1st iteration draft
2nd iteration draft, ready to pitch to the client
Final Artwork
Artwork Installation
Timelapse Video. 2 days of intense work in 15 seconds.
Completed Mural

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