We’ve named the Fusion Projects mural “Inertia”, due to the apparent motion created by the natural shape of the Nautilus Shell. This beautiful marine creature is natures best example of a logarithmic spiral, and is called upon as a symbol for strength, beauty, and perfection. Each chamber of the Nautilus Shell follows the Fibonacci sequence, with the shape of the shell approximating that of Phi. 
“Inertia” is a striking addition to the Fusion Projects space communicating strong, energetic and balanced growth which yields infinite possibilities. The illustration style marries the logic of mathematics with organic, cause and effect line work. The chambers of the shape are outlined in metallic ink which reflects light at different angles and changes depending on where the viewer is standing, as well as the time of day and year. The spiral breaks the grid of the office space by introducing curves in an otherwise linear interior. 
Finished Mural
Sandy Pell
Steve Pell

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