In early 2014, one of Sandy and Steve Pell's favourite coffee shop - Musette Cafe, home of Vancouver’s best Gluten-Free Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies – was opening up a new cafe location in our city’s Chinatown east end. As part of the design vision plans, the owner decided to bring a custom art piece into the space which would help to pull together the vintage age of the golden cycling era – the Tour de France, with his many antiques and collectables.
Sandy and Steve Pell decided to work on a canvas rather than as a wall mural, which although was intense in process, ended up being the right decision. After all, working this was way was much easier because they could take the canvas into their studio space (AKA, their living room). Our apprentice assistant (AKA, their white husky Link), was an especially valuable addition to helping pull together the final composition.

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